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Thread: Where I can get a code to place Ads Banner manually?

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    Unhappy Where I can get a code to place Ads Banner manually?

    Hi there!

    I had other websites with altervista and I am not used to this new admin panel..

    I've installed wordpress and now I want to place some altervista ads, but my theme doesn't have positions so I need to get the code to just paste it into my template where I want to display the ads.

    Previously in the admin panel there was a very easy and useful section to select and customize ads, and then get the code to paste in the website, whatever website you had. now I can only clik and be redirected to the "earn" section of my wordpress admin panel, from where I can't do anything else than "choose another theme" which is not an option for me.

    Can someone please tell me where I can get a code like the old times?
    Thank you and Regards

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    Hi, you can find the codes on you website control panel by clicking "View rates and codes" on the bottom left of the Earn page.

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