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Thread: Google adsense!

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    Default Google adsense!

    I applied for google adsense! My site got disapproved...they say my site has less contents!

    what should i do!?

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    AdSense needs some contents to work. Your site seems almost empty. Try to put some text content in it.
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    Wink Hi Rijin and Shahlin

    Google adsense needs some steps to be completed before you get approved.
    1) Add some good content, does'nt mean just write "hello, lol, etc"
    2) Do not copy others information
    3) Get atleast 100 people to visit your site monthly.
    4) Do not apply for adsense thinking it's like a signup for some social network, apply seriously and provide 100% accurate data because it can never be changed later.
    5) Do use meta tags for your pages to determine the description and keywords.
    6) Submit your site for index to search engines.
    7) Consult Elvis Shrestha, meet him at 9 "B"
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