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Thread: AlterVista adsense low earning in 7 day with High Traffic traffic ? why

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    Default AlterVista adsense low earning in 7 day with High Traffic traffic ? why

    hi AlterVista team!
    so i have problem with AlterVista Earning i earn in 7 day only 1 euro and i have traffic up to 500 visitour par day so how Earning altervista work This is my problem
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    Your exact revenue is reported in Altervista's Control Panel > Revenues & Ads > Your Revenues. You will see that your revenue is a little bit higher than 1 euro per week as you said.

    Also: on the Control Panel you can find the remuneration value for the different banner formats. Please pay attention to this note: "Gross remuneration in Euro Cents and AlterCents for 1000 unique impressions or unique click (unique IP address on total advertising network within 24h).". This means that each day only one Altervista site receive a remuneration for each IP address, so it's possibile that some of your visitors don't give you a revenue.

    Finally: the Altervista statistics report includes visits done by automated systems (bot, spiders and so on) which obviously don't give you any revenue through the banners.

    I hope I have covered all your doubts.
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    thank you my brother i love your helpe

    thank you saitfainder

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    Default Altervista+Adsense Ads Problem

    Hy Altervista,
    google+altervista ads are not shown on altervista, script show only altervista specific banner and i think google block tell me whats happend with altervista+google, This problem will solve in few days or not.
    Reply me must i m waiting 4 ur reply.

    Advance thanks altervista.

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    please don't duplicate threads, refer to: the altervista ads are giving error

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