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Thread: Cannot access AlterPages to restart site design

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    Question Cannot access AlterPages to restart site design

    I signed up for an altervista account last month, January 2014. I selected a starting point for my web site design using AlterPages, but I did not complete (or customize) my design. I believe I had chosen a template and saved it (perhaps) without modification (intending to review and record initial page source). Following a personal interruption of six weeks, I have returned, but I seem unable to proceed with site design by either of these approaches:

    1. I cannot continue by customizing my previously selected template (or even access the files via FTP)
    2. I cannot completely restart AlterPages (within the same altervista account)

    The personal interruption wasn't supposed to have removed my brain, and this is clearly something that must be possible, but I need help with it. This is what I do and see when I try those two approaches:

    1. If I am logged in, My Dashboard offers File management (Show, FTP) and AlterPages (Show, Manage) for content management. Clicking on any of Show, FTP, or Manage results in a browser timeout after 15 seconds (... could not connect to Clicking on the hyperlink word AlterPages takes me to a larger description of the AlterPages design tool as it would for other applications. If I then select "Manage website" from that AlterPages application page, I return to the 15 seconds browser timeout "could not connect".
    2. If I am not logged in, then from most altervista pages, I can click on the horizontal menu item CREATE WEBSITE, where I am prompted to SIGN UP!. I wish to keep this account name, so I instead LOGIN (top right choice on the same horizontal menu). This takes me to exactly the same context (logged in) and situation (My Dashboard) as the previous step, eventually leading to "could not connect".

    I am certain I have missed something obvious, the polite version of CLICK THIS ONE, you idiot, but I just want to rerun AlterPages in this existing account. I came to altervista because I want the complexity of my own PHP code, my own scripting, even my own cron jobs, but I am embarrassingly trapped inside the starting gate. Any even vaguely helpful advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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    If you can't access to your website it could be a problem of your internet connection. Please try to activate Cloudflare, you find it in your control panel section Resources. See read this thread for more informations: Report network problems

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