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    Sorry... I don't really know where to post this, but here it goes.
    I recently joined alter vista. So far, I love the website and being able to create your own custom website. Though, I have run into a small problem. The chat box.
    I'd like to add one, and I love all the features but I don't have access to all the commands. Such as /ban or anything like that. I am not sure how to work this 100%, so I have come here for help. Is it possible to use these commands? If so, can I add others to use the commands. I have a staff list I'd like to have moderate the chat box when I am not on, etc. Anyway, thanks for reading.
    All regards.
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    The AlterVista chat doesn't offer such features, but if search a little I'm sure you'll find a chat that suits your needs.

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