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Thread: joomla login error?

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    hi all,

    i have just create a new site with joomla for my wife, but after a while i cannot login to the administration page.

    I have not changed the password but not login. Note that the passwd was be memorized in firefox, ad i tried to login from another computer without success.

    So i have reseted the password from altervista, but not. A can login in control panels of atervista, but not in the joomla admin pane.

    How i can to do it?



    i can login to the phpmyadmin with the new passwd, but i still banned from my joomla admin pane.

    i tried to delete the passwd field and login without it, but, not, still not working, so i have put back again the encripted passwd in the field. GRRR!!

    someone can help me? tnx
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    The password for Altervista's control panel and the password for your Joomla installation have no relations.

    If you lost the password for your Joomla you have to recover it from you Joomla.
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