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Thread: iWeb to Altervista

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    Unhappy iWeb to Altervista

    Created a website on iWeb. It's completed, only I just learned that Apple no longer supports iWeb. I signed up to Altervista hoping to use the FTP (which I've never used before - I am not a webmaster) to just do a direct transfer over to Altervista. The problem is the FTP keeps telling me my file is not correct, and it's the file that I'm being given from Altervista's FTP page. Then i tried to create the website from scratch so I uploaded every file that was in iWeb over to Altervista. I think I'm lost in Altervista. Is this futile or should I just start from scratch with Wordpress or some other platform?

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    Since iWeb is no longer supported by Apple you may start your website using a supported product instead, wordpress is a choice.

    However if you want to upload your contents using FTP please post here the logs of your FTP client, so we can understand the issue.

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