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Thread: removing/deleting Wordpress from my account

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    Default removing/deleting Wordpress from my account

    I made the mistake of opening an account by clicking on the blog tab, instead of a website.
    While I understand this is suppose to be great, my ISP has a hissy-fit/barfs/(won't open after login).

    I do not have this problem with a different account (for my nonprofit cause) brucedp14
    which works just fine as a plain website and my (faster) ISP, so it has to be the WordPress that is giving me grief on the brucedp account.

    Used a different (but really slow) isp to login to the brucedp account, and I converted the account to an altersite (which means it now has a web page, right). But in the control panel WordPress still shows it is there, even after I deleted all the WordPress files in the file management directory.

    I do not want to lose this account name brucedp

    I went back in to the control panel logged in as brucedp using the slow but compatible ISP, I clicked on the text WordPress, and I was able to re-install/remove WordPress from my account. But my page still does not open using the faster ISP, and at the same time the brucedp14 does open just fine under those conditions (something is still not right).

    I rebooted after flushing the history and cookies of my firefox as well as the chrome browsers, ... no luck, still screwed up.
    I hope someone can get into my brucedp account and straighten this mess out. I just want a simple web page on that account, and I promise to never ever touch WordPress ever again.
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    Probably the faster ISP has some problems reaching the machine where your website brucedp is hosted. Try to access the control panel and activate CloudFlare (you can find it in section Resources). This should solve your issue, even if you install again Worpress or switch back to Alterblog.

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