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Thread: Installing WordPress with Bitnami

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    Default Installing WordPress with Bitnami


    I've been using the Bitnami WordPress Stack to create a WordPress website on my laptop. I was interested in trying AlterVista as a host to put this website online.

    I've used FTP to successfully upload all the files, and I've activated the database.

    I managed to load the wp-admin/install-php and run it. Even got a confirmation email back from WordPress saying that my site had been successfully set up.

    But when I try to view the page I get this error message:

    Page not found (error 404)
    The page was not found on this server.

    This can be due to:

    The page no longer exists.
    The link you have followed is not valid.
    The page has been moved.

    Pay attention to UPPER and LOWER cases is different from
    What's going on? Is this sort of install not supported on AlterVista?

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    Are you sure you configured everything properly? In which directory did you upload the files?

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