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    Default product variations crash -

    Hi, when I try to add variations to my product my site crashes. I think it may be that the Suhosin (a security module in PHP) may be preventing the POST data from being saved.

    I'm using woocommerce with wordpress. Each product has 4 selections - 3 selections have 14 color options to choose from and the 4th selection has 5 sizes to choose. That adds up to a lot of possible combinations - I think its over 5000 possible variations per product (I'll have around 20 different products so that adds up).

    After it crashes I get the following message:

    stata superata la soglia massima di operazioni che il database pu eseguire in un'ora, necessario potenziare il database ad una classe superiore, se il problema persiste avvisa il webmaster del sito

    Fatal error: mysql_query() []: 715 in /membri/tricitiesparacordworks/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 808

    Thank you.
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    You are exceeding the amount of queries per hour allowed with the standard database class (20,000 operations per hour), if you can't reduce the number of operations you'll need to upgrade to the unlimited class. You can find all the details in the Resources section of the AlterVista control panel.

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