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Thread: Cannot Edit Title Page

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    Default Cannot Edit Title Page

    Hi, I am new to altervista and just created my site yesterday. I can't seem to edit the title page. When i open the site, the customizer is at the top, but when i click it, it goes to the customizer but i cannot edit any text on the page. i can change the theme and font and whatnot but i can't edit the text already there. can someone help me with this? I saw in a forum post that you can go to pages from your dashboard and clicking on the page will take you to edit pages where you can edit the page. But, When i click on title in the pages menu, the page just reloads and nothing happens. And i can't even delete the title page as there is no option for it.

    Edit: Edited the title page by going into settings and changing the name and subtitle of the site there.
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