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Thread: Account suspended for breaking community regulation?

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    Angry Account suspended for breaking community regulation?

    Hi there,

    I started a blog recently and was getting around 200 visitors from the first day. I was very proud of it and the great service you provide. Today, I tried checking it but found out that it has been suspended due to breaking the Terms of service, point 4.1. Checking your Terms of service, 4.1. says the following: '4.1 The publication of pornographic, obscene and illegal material is not allowed: for example, pirate softwares, cracks, warez, malwares, viruses, phishing sites (login fake), mp3 which violate the rules on author's rights and material which can cause damages to others.
    User is not allowed to publish material that is illegal, obscene or damaging to the reputation of others to a third party.'

    My blog did not break any of these rules, so I was wondering, what did I really do wrong? My blog was: Curiously looking forward to your answer. Thank you for your time!

    All the best,

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    please contact the Abuse Dept. for these enquiries.

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