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Thread: multiple accounts (different students) on VLAN off one IP address

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    Default multiple accounts (different students) on VLAN off one IP address

    I asked my students to each create their own altervista account for their web site.

    After a few accounts were created, the rest were blocked from creating an account because our VLAN shows all these machines as having the same IP address.

    Is this just a restriction on creating accounts, say to hinder robots? Would it then be OK for multiple accounts (say 15-35) to be accessed from this one VLAN IP address after they are created? I can ask them to create accounts elsewhere if creation during one class session is impossible from a VLAN showing one IP address.

    Many thanks, Ted

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    Yes, this is a restriction in order to prevent abuses of service. Once you have created the websites you should be able to access them even from a single ip address.

    May I ask you what school are you working for? We are glad to help your students

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    I am having this same problem. I had them verify from home, but we still could not all work on our sites together. It's just a one week summer camp, so it's been very frustrating for them. Help?

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