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Thread: I am new to this and need help please.

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    Exclamation I am new to this and need help please.

    secretidagent | AlterBlog

    I am not sure why it wont load. I tried just making a simple webpage with AlterPages but it still wouldnt load. No matter which different application I tried creating one with it wouldnt load. I am new to this and am wondering what I have to do to get it to work. I know the basics of html if it requires some of that. I am more familiar with Lua though even though web pages dont use that.

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    As far as we are seeing there seems to be a routing issue with Comcast, in order to resolve you can:

    1) Report the issue to them in order to fix it
    2) Temporarily activate cloudflare for your account, after activation you should be able to see the website again even with Comcast

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