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    I can't read Italian. I have tried multiple times to recover password and no email is sent. What is going on? It has been over half an hour now, and none of the emails to recover the password have shown, not even in spam. I have tried user name and email, and I got it with email alias too. I can't login to wordpress.

    Edit: Still not getting emails for recovery 3:58 PM Mountain Time. What is going on? Still no response from any one from AlterVista or recovery. Not very fast help here, huh? Just time wasting now, cause I can't do anything at all. At this point its just keep trying to recover and get nothing at all to fix it. I am really thinking this sucks now.

    Really, starting to regret using this service now.

    Edit: 4:13 PM Since, no one is going to do anything, and I am getting a little tired of just sitting here not getting any where at all. I am going to delete WordPress and redo the whole site again. This is beyond annoying when no response, and just sit and sit. I am not impatient, just this is what I am doing right now is the site, and I am not just going to try to figure something else to do while everyone else thinks something else is more important to do. I will let you know if I got it going again.

    EDIT: I have deleted WordPress application, and reinstalled it. Should work now.
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    Nice to hear it. If the problem persists please post the email address (maybe partially obfuscated) you used to recover your password.

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