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Thread: 'Account Suspended' for a reason(s) unknown to me.

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    Default 'Account Suspended' for a reason(s) unknown to me.

    I have no idea why my account was suspended, but when I log in, it says something about 4.1, so I went to read what that means, which is the following -

    4.1 The publication of pornographic, obscene and illegal material is not allowed: for example, pirate softwares, cracks, warez, malwares, viruses, phishing sites (login fake), mp3 which violate the rules on author's rights and material which can cause damages to others.
    User is not allowed to publish material that is illegal, obscene or damaging to the reputation of others to a third party.

    My site doesn't contain anything pornographic, obscene, illegal, damaging, I don't have any software on it, etc., so it doesn't make any sense.

    What is the waiting time for abuse to respond? I already emailed them because that's what I kept reading every Admin here telling people to do. Also, who do I contact to get my database files, since I don't see any way to actually contact Support?

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    Now it's seems online. You can contact Abuse for this issue: Contact Us | Altervista

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    It sounds like it's being hacked

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    Don't open multiple threads: wordpress not working

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