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Thread: Trend Micro gives My AlterVista site an "Untested" mark

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    Default Trend Micro gives My AlterVista site an "Untested" mark


    My TrendMicro Security software gives my AlterVista page a untested status which is denoted by a question mark.
    Is this a problem? Will people not visit my site if they believe it to have security issues?


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    Is there any explaination about what "untested status" stands for?

    Anyway not every internet user uses TrendMicro Security, so don't be to much worried.
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    I am not the original poster, but I use Trend Micro as well and I know that the "Untested" mark simply implies that Trend Micro did not yet test your site to see if it is safe. Don't worry about it. Many new sites are untested, and Trend Micro will eventually test yours. As long as your site is not labeled "Dangerous", you have no reason to worry.

    UPDATE I looked up your site at and Trend Micro has already tested it as safe.
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