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Thread: Visitor using iPhone cannot connect

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    Default Visitor using iPhone cannot connect

    A visitor complains that my site cannot be viewed from his iPhone.

    The visitor tells me that his iPhone can visit and without problems - but it cannot visit

    So I think the reason should be sought at AlterVista, either inside or outside of my site (but not in the iPhone, browser settings, etc).

    The result is the same whether the URL is with or without the initial www.

    The error messages my visitor gets on his iPhone are, depending on the browser,

    Unable to connect
    Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

    or, in Chrome:

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to
    Try reloading:

    The error is the same regardless of which operating system the iPhone runs (Ubuntu; Windows 7).

    On May 2, 2012, the visitor told me by mail that Safari on his iPhone could view my site, but Chrome or Firefox running under Ubuntu could not.

    The visitor attempted to access my site by clicking Google search results. That rules out spelling errors. I can get to my site by clicking identical Google search results on a PC or a notebook computer.

    In another mail the next day, the news was that Safari, too, was now unable to visit my site.

    The traffic at is much lower than the monthly limit ("Used 0 of 10 GB available"). I can view the site from a PC or a notebook computer at times when the iPhone cannot. The control panel statistics tells that other visitors can view it too.

    I have not found any settings, preferences or options in the AlterVista control panel that could restrict access from mobile units. My HTML code does not contain viewport meta tags.

    What would you advise me to do in order to allow access to my site from an iPhone?
    What shall I tell my visitor to do?
    Does AlterVista somehow restrict access to hosted sites from iPhones?
    (I do not have an iPhone myself.)

    Looking forward in hope!
    Bjarne Pagh Byrnak
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    AlterVista doesn't apply any restriction to mobile devices, iPhones are more than welcome and supported.

    It's pretty difficult to track down the issue with these informations, you may try to build a simple html page with no css, ads or js and check if the users reporting ussues can reach it.

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    Default Issue resolved. Not an altervista problem

    Several mails and experiments later, the visitor says he can now view my site on his iPhone.
    The problem can be regarded as solved. It was at his ISP, not at AlterVista.

    Thanks, Gianluca - I have added a page of the proposed kind. Good to have next time.

    Bjarne Pagh Byrnak

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