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Thread: oxwall not installing

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    Lightbulb oxwall not installing

    i was trying to install oxwall but this error shows up.. please help.. i have uploaded all the files..

    Page not found (error 404)
    The page was not found on this server.

    This can be due to:
    The page no longer exists.
    The link you have followed is not valid.
    The page has been moved.

    Pay attetion to UPPER and LOWER cases is different from

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    There are two problem with Oxwall on Altervista:

    * You have to correct his .htaccess file adding "RewriteBase /" on the row below "RewriteEngine On" to run the installation procedure
    * Oxwall requires the PHP FTP module that is not provided

    I think that Oxwall should work well even without that PHP module (used for updates and to install new plugins) but you have to workaround the install procedure. I think asking on the Oxwall support forum will be a good idea.
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    it is rewriteengine on but still it wont work..

    btw is social engine supported i am planning to buy it

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