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    Default Suspended account


    I woke up this morning to find my account suspended after working day and night, My traffic went from 1 person a day to a 1000 a day all from Google and got suspended, is sad, this is the message i got.

    Suspended account

    The account has been temporarily suspended (Art. 4.11 regolamento community), for further information see the regulation

    Art. 4.11 states 4.11 It is not allowed to use the website as a simple redirect to external resources or to build doorway.

    I have no links or redirects on my site i even installed a plugin called WP No External Links, This plugin will allow you to mask all external links to internal, This shows that i really read the terms, i have appealed to the abuse team and waiting for reply, you know how difficult it is to get traffic from Google am a student trying to build a successful educational website. please review my site again.

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    Please contact our abuse department.

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