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Thread: My website was wrongly flagged under rule 4.1

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    Default My website was wrongly flagged under rule 4.1

    Hello, everyone, my name is Hate9, though I signed up here as redirector (as that's the name of the site I am creating).
    I began creating my site (a dynamic redirect service that would redirect to multiple different webpages set by whoever wished to use it) just last night, and today, found myself unable to log in due to my account being suspended.

    I read through the terms and conditions again, in order to make sure that I had not broken any rules, and though I did come close to breaking rule 4.11 (creating a website as a simple redirect to another service), The message I saw then and see now says that I broke rule 4.1 (malicious or illegal use), which I certainly didn't break.

    So my question is this: Which contact method should I use to attempt to contest or argue against the suspension of my account?

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    Hi, you can contact our Abuse depertment.

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