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Thread: Trouble with Google Meta Verification

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    Default Trouble with Google Meta Verification


    I have followed the steps outlined to obtain the google meta verification.

    After I copied the code from Google, I went back to my Alterpages site, started the Edit mode and selected the "Plugins" menu item (jigsaw icon) and then "Google Webmaster Tools".

    The "Google Webmaster Tools" windows opened and I pasted the meta tag I obtained from Google. I then pressed SAVE.

    The little ship pooped up and the message WAIT, then that went away. Still on the "Google Webmaster Tools" menu (is that normal?)

    Closed out and attempted verification. Not successful.

    Looked at the source for my page. Meta tag not there.

    What am I missing?

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    Could you try to insert again the code on AlterPages?

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