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Thread: altervista with adsense: problem implementing code

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    Default altervista with adsense: problem implementing code

    i recently create an adsense account linked with my altervista one.
    So first i put the code on the main pages of my website
    and it works fine for all pages but when I tried to change the section starter&appetizer, altervista didn't show me the html code instead it give me an empty page also if the page is working exactly like the others. It show this:

    <META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="AlterVista - Editor HTML">



    what does it mean?

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    It seems to be an issue related to the html editor rather than AlterVista with Google AdSense code.

    This may be due to the "&" in the filename, you shouldn't use special characters like that in your filenames, try to rename it to: starter_and_appetizer

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