Hello, I have tried activating Cloudflare, but I am not receiving the email with the password reset link. I did get a notification that Cloudflare was now active.

Here's what I tried:
- Waited several hours
- Tried doing a "password reset" from the Cloudflare login page using my altervista email alias and website address. No email arrived to my account address.
- Waited a few more hours
- Disabled and enabled email aliasing.
- Tried doing a "password reset" from the Cloudflare login page again.
- Disabled Cloudflare, cancel the disabling, tried the Cloudflare password reset again.
- Waited some more
- Tried sending myself several test emails to my email alias. None were received back.
- Changed my altervista email address (email confirmation went fine)
- Tried the Cloudflare password reset again
- Tried sending myself another test email to my email alias. Nothing.
- Disabled Cloudflare, waited, Enabled Cloudflare again. Same result: I get the confirmation that Cloudflare is now active and FTP address changed, but no email from Cloudflare for my password reset link.

I did check my spam folder every time, nothing there either.

Please help. Thank you.