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Thread: Students can create websites

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    Question Students can't create websites

    I teach web design to a small class of about 30 kids. Last year my students all used your site for hosting their small student websites.

    This year only about 3 were able to create accounts and the rest were locked out. The ones that were able to get in actually mistakenly created blog accounts and we converted them to web accounts. All students received verification messages to their school email but most were unable to login and create an account.

    I had one student send an email explaining the situation. I assume Altervista has some kind of IP address blocking and I probably should have had just a few login at a time. Is there any way you guys can unblock our IP address? I'm really hoping my students don't have to create new emails to create Alterweb accounts. Your site worked so well for us last year. The students were able to work in a realistic hosting environment with pages they created from scratch.
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    Hi michaelsoncourses, and thanks for write us

    if you can send (also via private message) interested ip address (from network of your school class), we can add in whitelist and allow registration to your students.

    Best regards,

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