I've previously used altervista for some of my web apps and I really liked it, so when I had to choose the hosting for my next web app, I had no doubt: I tried to sign up in Altervista. But, when I completed the registration form I received the following email:

The service is temporarily unavailable. We're working on it.
In the meanwhile we suggest you to open a different kind of site:
Thank you, and hope to see you soon
AlterVista Staff

This happened to me like 8 months ago, and I hadn't tried since them until today. I've completed the form and I' ve received the same email that I received a couple months ago

My question is the following: When will I be able to create a new hosting account? Is it possible that you create manually an account for me if I give you any data needed for it?

Thank you very much, hope to hear from you soon! Congratulations for your great service!