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Thread: Can't access my site!!

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    Default Can't access my site!!

    My site is on the server s103.

    Now it seems the server is online again since I can access the control panel, but my site is STILL not visible. How comes?!

    Is it a temporary black out for maintenance or what else? If yes, for how long again my site will be not accessibe? For one hour? For one day? For one week? For one month? For a year? For a lustre? For a decade? For a century? For how long again?!

    You, Altervista site Administrators, and/or Technicans, and/or Moderators: would you please to give us a factual and quick answer? (or feedback, or however else you wanna call it?)

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    Please refer to this thread:

    We believe in a resolution within few hours although we don't have an official ETA yet. Once more details will be available you will find them in that thread.

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