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Thread: Pages not available for some people

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    Default Pages not available for some people

    Hi, I've uploaded some .js files and I provide the link to some people and most of them can see it, but a few of them cannot. I've provide them another altervista files from other "users" and some of them they can't see it but some others they can, so, I was wondering why is this happening. I put a script on my forum with the <script> tags but some people just can't get load those scripts, like when they try to enter to my user.altervista/file.js they can't see it, like the page doesn't exists, like if the server were down, but I've gave them other links exactly like mine, but from other user and they can see it.

    Is there any solution or an answer of why is this happening?

    Thank you.

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    Can you please report the error messages they are displaying?

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