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  1. Want to re-buy domain with another registrar and/or transfer? No responses!

    I emailed both the "Webmasters" and the "Domain Registration" a few days ago but haven't received any response. We bought the domain about a week ago and were disappointed to find that it was just a...
  2. So basically I paid for a domain name but I can't...

    So basically I paid for a domain name but I can't use it for my site, only to redirect? :S

    Am I able to get a refund so I can use the domain for what it's needed for? I didn't realize it would be...
  3. Bought a domain, URL changes back to

    My domain is It does go to the correct site, but then the URL becomes again, unless I choose "Cloak"... Cloaking is not ideal though, as there are several...
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    Domains - 9.45 EUR monthly or anually?

    If I bought a .com domain for 9.45 EUR, how long would it last? Is it 9.45 monthly or annually?

    I want to stay with Altervista if possible, you guys make everything so easy.

    NEVER MIND. Found...
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    Ah, shoot, I should have asked before he bought...

    Ah, shoot, I should have asked before he bought it. I really love AlterVista and don't want to have to find another host just for this... oh well, thanks anyway. :(
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    Connecting a domain from Godaddy

    Hello, basically a friend bought me a domain for two years using and I can't figure out how to use it here. Is it possible? Thank you.
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