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Thread: Completely lost password for cpanel...

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    Default Completely lost password for cpanel...

    Hello, as it says in the title, I forgot and lost the password for my old sites cpanel (accessing with altervista) and I tried to recover password but I forgot the email address that I used when I created my site.. so even recovering my password by putting the username is useless. Could someone help me, it's really important, what would be good is that for example when you recover password it says "an email has been sent to It would at least give me an idea of which email I used. Thanks to anyone that will spend time helping me. P.S : My old site is and sorry if there's some mistakes in the words, I'am writting from a tablet and I am french.

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    the email address is not shown for security reasons, unfortunately if you don't even remember the email address used to signup there isn't much we can do to help. You should try to recover your password and check every mailbox you own.

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