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Thread: Server to server connections

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    Angry Server to server connections

    I'm trying to use php to copy images from another site to my Altervista web space for the purpose of creating thumbnails, but it's not working. My code works if I direct to an image already stored on my web space, but not if it directs to one elsewhere.

    I believe this is down to the server to server restriction put in place to prevent abuse of the service, however I've twice tried to send a verification text to get this restriction lifted and both times there's been no response. These texts are costing me a lot of money, due to the number being Italian and costing the international rate.

    What's going on?

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    I just checked again, and it seems to be working now, however the php settings still show a warning that connections can only be established to whitelisted sites.

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    We probably received your sms but the phone number was hidden. Did you sent them directly from your cellphone? Which country are you from?
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    I'm in the UK. I don't think I gave my phone number when I signed up, will I need to add it on the profile page for the SMS to work? I'd assumed it was the code in the text that identified my account rather than the phone number.

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    I've added my phone number to my account details and sent a third text, but the restriction still hasn't been lifted!

    Can an admin manually remove the restriction?

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    I'm still having this problem. Please can someone sort it out?

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