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    I am having trouble getting my domain name to come up properly when interacting with my altervista site. I have purchased (real urls removed) and want it to be displayed when I visit my site. I have tried all sort of records, but the only things that works is a web forward. Unfortunately, this option doesn't allow for URL directory specifications. For example, no matter what I type in after the in the URL, it always redirects to the main page. I need a way to make "" show up as "" while still having "" show up as ""

    Any tips?

    Thank you,


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    Hi Greg,

    you have buy the domain here on AlterVista or elsewhere?

    Our hosting services don't allow direct DNS pointing, so you can only point with a redirect. If you need a different service, please drop us an email with the description of what you need: Communicate with Altervista | Altervista

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