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Thread: Bought a domain, URL changes back to

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    Unhappy Bought a domain, URL changes back to

    My domain is It does go to the correct site, but then the URL becomes again, unless I choose "Cloak"... Cloaking is not ideal though, as there are several pages that people may want to bookmark in the future. I can't have all pages using "".

    I'm using Wordpress if that makes a difference. I tried changing "Site Address (URL)" under General settings in Wordpress but it didn't help.

    Will it just take time, or is there something I'm missing?
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    you have activated a domain redirect service and this is how the service works.

    Your old webspace is preserver and a new domain name is created and redirected to the previous web space, so is not eliminated and no new webspace is created.

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    So basically I paid for a domain name but I can't use it for my site, only to redirect? :S

    Am I able to get a refund so I can use the domain for what it's needed for? I didn't realize it would be redirect only, if all I wanted was a redirect I could buy a domain from anywhere. I love Altervista but I can't use it if that's the way the domains work.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Yooo hopefully you either haven't left yet or you're still getting email updates from this thread

    I'm in the same boat. I notice your website is now working the way you want it. How.

    Did you stay with Altervista? How did you make it work? Where did you end up going and why?

    Man I've been working on this bullshit all night

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