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Thread: Built new site today, looked fine, then DEAD: database error (in Italian!)

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    Unhappy Built new site today, looked fine, then DEAD: database error (in Italian!)

    My site:

    Built it from my existing XML. It was looking fine. Then it went DEAD, no idea why.

    The error message is in ITALIAN:

    stata superata la soglia massima di operazioni che il database pu eseguire in un'ora, necessario potenziare il database ad una classe superiore, se il problema persiste avvisa il webmaster del sito

    Fatal error: mysql_query() []: 715 in /membri/confederation1867/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 808

    I can't even read this, so I don't know what to do about it.

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    Also, I paid for a top-level domain and used the Domain control panel to CLOAK it ("Yes"). But it isn't cloaking, it's forwarding. Any idea how I can fix that? Thank you. The domain is:

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    Thanks for your time, if anyone can help with these things.

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    The message translates to:
    It has been exceeded the maximum number of queries the database can run in one hour, you need to upgrade the database to a higher class.
    If you just performed a big import it's reasonable to get the error. Check if everything has been correctly imported.
    Also remember that using an AlterSite account you have limited (but upgradable) resources such as the database, the webspace or the traffic. If you decide to switch to an AlterBlog account there are unlimited resources (but you won't have direct file access).
    About the cloak, be sure to clean your browser cache, it's working fine for me.

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