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Thread: New Phpbb version

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    Question New Phpbb version

    They need to know these informations:

    Database type:MySQL with MySQLi ExtensionMySQLSQLite 2SQLite 3Database server hostname or DSN:
    DSN stands for Data Source Name and is relevant only for ODBC installs. On PostgreSQL, use localhost to connect to the local server via UNIX domain socket and to connect via TCP. For SQLite, enter the full path to your database file.Database server port:
    Leave this blank unless you know the server operates on a non-standard port.Database nameatabase usernameatabase password:Prefix for tables in database:
    The prefix must start with a letter and must only contain letters, numbers and underscores.

    How to find them?

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    Check the wiki page about the database.
    However, why don't you just use the one-click installer available on the AlterVista control panel?

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