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Thread: AlterVista "cloned" my existing site, but WITHOUT the images installed!

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    Unhappy AlterVista "cloned" my existing site, but WITHOUT the images installed!

    I was under the false impression after the initial cloning that my site was complete, the media folder was full of pics.
    However, now, today, on a fast line in the library, I see most of my images on my pages are just big white squares.
    This means I have to spend HOURS rebuilding the site, re-installing all the pics! Which cloning, I thought, would avoid.

    Right now, I'm quite disappointed.

    Moreover, I bought a domain from AlterVista, and cloaked it over the site.
    However, the cloaking blocks editing the site; I have to go back to the generic url to edit.
    More unwelcome, cloaking prevents pages and posts from loading with a full url, I can't therefore send them to anyone, I can only send the basic domain of the site.

    Any suggestions to quick-fix any of this would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    The images look fine to me now, did you solve the issue?
    About the cloak, you can provide URLs like this:

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