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Thread: edit domain page

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    Angry edit domain page

    I noticed if I go to the ip address of my purchased domain Theres a page there
    I want access to THAT page and I wanna be able to edit there on the actual domain instead of this redirect bullshit


    Honestly the fact that we have to purchase a domain to be redirected back to the same shit we bought the domain to get rid of really pisses me off when I purchase a domain I expect that I will be able to edit the files on the domain and be able to do what I need to because I cant on this server

    All in all I would give altervista a 2 out of 10 stars as a rating I have enjoyed the layout and tools available but the inability to use php functions I need and this domain issue has killed my interest in using altervista any longer

    I would like to personnally thank the altervista dev team for wasting my time


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    I already replied you in the other thread, what is still unclear to you?
    The service you bought isn't a domain+webspace package. It's only a domain redirection service. The domain however is yours and you are free to use it with any other external service, provided they support direct DNS pointing.

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