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Thread: How to display my page using the file management option

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    Default How to display my page using the file management option

    Hello All. I am clueless here and need some help. For a school assignment, we were advised to create a web page with HTML and have it displayed on Altervista. I have signed up and already written my code but I have no idea how to display it. I would use Alterpages but my professor stated that we must use the File Management option. I have reached out to her for clarification but she has yet to get back to me so I am reaching out to the community here. I have created an index.html file under file management and it displays what I want it to when I check my site ( from another browser or device, nothing displays. Can someone please tell me what exactly am I doing wrong?

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    This is a screenshot of I see when I check your page:

    and this is the code that's in the browser:

    If that's what you wrote then it looks like it's working

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