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Thread: Embedded music player issue

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    Default Embedded music player issue

    I was hoping someone would have a fix for this. All I could find online was that I had to redirect from HTTPS to HTTP but I see no option for this in the dashboard settings.

    My Hypster embedded music player is showing up white in my pages instead of displaying the player and playing the music. Any way I could fix this?

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    Please provide the address of the webpage where you included this player.

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    Just wanted to point out, several instances I wanted a third party widget added to my page. upon adding the widget didn't function correct this I removed the widget. This seem to be rampant with most third party apps as these may or may not have throughly tested by the developer or the widget creator. This has me believing that not all widgets are created equal or supported by Altervista. Choose wisely or avoid all the cutie pie widgets all together.

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