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    Exclamation Account Suspended

    Hello. I am trying to simply set up a private server for my friends to join, but my account got suspended for (Art 4.11 regolamento community) for using the service as a "simple storage space for files to download."
    First of all, the phpmyadmin I had is not a storage space for files to download. It is the database that the server runs on. This includes the levels, features, etc and gets updated frequently. Same can be said about the file manager folders and such, with the entire thing being put into a folder called "database." These files are essential for the server to work properly. These files aren't even downloadable by casual players on the server.

    In reality, I don't understand why the account got suspended. All I wanted to do was to set up a private server for my friends to join and to have fun in. You can monitor what I do in case I do anything wrong on accident, but I don't want to do anything bad on purpose.

    The account is Hurry! ._.

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    You can't have private server:
    4.11 The User cannot use the Service as a simple storage space for files to download, dynamic elements or other material used by external sites, and create multiple accounts for a single hosted site (so-called "mirroring"), or to host a part of it.

    4.12 It is not permitted to abuse of restricted areas protected by password on the Hosted Site, creating archives, databases or sites where the most significant content is not freely accessible to the public.

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