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Thread: Recaptcha not working for WP Admin login

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    Default Recaptcha not working for WP Admin login


    I am having trouble logging in to the Wordpress dashboard. It has a reCaptcha that I have to solve (which I have never seen before until today) and when I successfully solve it and enter my login credentials, it doesn't work; it tells me to solve the CAPTCHA even though I solved it!

    I don't know what is screwed up but I need to access the WP admin dashboard because I post stuff every day and it suddenly screwed up logging in. I tried disabling a "SI Captcha" plugin on my phone where I am still logged in, but that doesn't help.

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    Michael Piwowarski
    Delta Collegiate

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    Still screwed up. Tried multiple computers, same issue. Does anyone have an answer????

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    Hi, could you please provide a screenshot of the error message you get?

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