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Thread: Suspended account

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    Exclamation Suspended accounts


    i just found out that my accounts and are suspended

    at the login page at
    for both accounts i get the following message

    The account has been temporarily suspended (Art. 4.1 dwru regolamento community), for further information see the regulation
    as per the clause 4.1

    4.1 The publication of pornographic, obscene and illegal material is not allowed: for example, pirate softwares, cracks, warez, malwares, viruses, phishing sites (login fake), mp3 which violate the rules on author's rights and material which can cause damages to others.
    User is not allowed to publish material that is illegal, obscene or damaging to the reputation of others to a third party.
    i DID NOT receive a suspension notification, although i had from time to time been receiving Altervista's announcements, which means you have a means of communication with me

    please explain the reasons for suspension, if it was due to abuse report i ask to see its entire text

    until all questions are answered and circumstances clarified i ask to reinstate my accounts and their web content, thank you
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    thank you, the domain has meanwhile been unsuspended

    please do likewise with

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    thank you for reinstating both accounts

    if you need to discuss their status against the clause 4.1 of your TOS, i'm open

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    my blog naming is showing such type of sentense.
    Account suspended
    This account has been suspended as it is not compliant with the community regulation.

    Note: for further details check the notify email or access to the control panel.

    kindly help please

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    My two accounts were suspended without reason. These two blogs are compliant with Altervista TOS. I received no email or notice as to why they were suspended.

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