RRAV Software
RRAV provides different quality softwares created originally in Indonesia. Our goal is to uplift Indonesia in the field of Computer Technology.

RRAV Cleaner : Allows you to clean Junk Files easily.
RRAV Antivirus Plus : To keep you protected from Virus Attacks both local and foreign.
RRAV Register Manager : Allows you to register ActiveX Files easily.

About RRAV
RRAV Software is a growing antivirus software and utilities crowdsourced by group of South East Asians especially from Indonesia and Philippines. It was founded in Surabaya, Indonesia in August 18, 2014 by Reza Restu, when it quickly established itself as the small-footprint antivirus that keeps users safe without slowing down their PCs.

From the beginning, RRAV Software has focused on both performance and protection, proving that speed and security do go together. Our first product, RRAV Antivirus Plus gives trustworthy protection but donít compromise the performance of a PC or laptop. Today, RRAV Software defends users against the offline threats especially locally transmitted viruses from flash drives, whether they use a laptop or desktop PC.