I made my AlterVista account/site in order to copy something from another AlterVista site that stopped working.

To be more specific, this is the site I was trying to copy:
It's a tool someone made to allow Victoria's Secret fans to easily navigate through Victoria's Secret pictures. Every picture has it's 6 digit ID number, which is what the above page was using to sort through them. As you can see though, the pictures are no longer showing up in the above page because the URLs they were using stopped working.

So basically I'm trying to recreate my own, so that I can continue using the tool. I did "view source" on the above page to get the coding and then tried to paste it into my own site. But my version/site won't let me use all the built in buttons, that are supposed to change the pictures by changing the numbers. Clicking the various buttons does nothing.

This is my site/version:
I fixed the URLs but can't look through any other numbers/images other than the ones I plugged in when I changed the URLs.

I'm guessing I'm just missing some coding that didn't show up in the "view source" info. Can someone please help me to get my buttons working?