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Thread: External services: the "good" ones and the "bad" ones (submissions)

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    Default External services: the "good" ones and the "bad" ones (submissions)

    In this topic you can submit any external service that you do use in your site, as well as services that you don't use (and don't want to let be used by others) because it has been proved as harmful for your site or your visitors.

    Submission guidelines:
    1. It is mandatory to indicate for each service:
    - the service name and its URL (without any referral page)
    - its category (see below at point 3)
    - if it is a "bad" service (it could damage your site and/or your visitors) or a "good" one (the opposite case)

    2. You can also add a brief description of the service and its behavious. You can follow these guidelines and/or include some other relevant facts if you like:
    - is it complete in its functionality, or many of them are available only in a "premium" subscription?
    - does it contain any advertising? If so, how annoying are they?
    - is it easy to include in your site? Does it require an installation procedure?
    - how much customizable is the service and its output?

    3. Define the category of the service, currently we are reviewing:
    - Guestbooks
    - Counters and statistics
    - Mailing lists and newsletters
    - Polls and surveys
    - E-mail aliases
    - URL redirection
    - File sharing services
    - External forums
    - External databases compatible with AlterVista
    - Internal search tools
    Depending on the submissions, other categories may be added (or proposed by you!)

    All submissions will be verified and then inserted in the twin sticky topic in this same forum.
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    Default Re: External services: the "good" ones and the "bad" ones (submissions)

    Is right.

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