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Thread: How to reference my site with search engines?

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    Question How to reference my site with search engines?

    I shall like referencing my site with search engines. But they do not recognize THE URL of my site. That I has to make? Help I pleases .

    thank you.

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    Your website is indexed by Google.

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    The best way to be listed worldwide is to use the origional, and longest living, web directory . data is used by all major search engines, google yahoo bing etc... and is hand maintained by various editors.

    To get listed, go to the website and navigate to the section that would be the best location of your website in their directory structure then simply click the "suggest URL" link at that location.

    Note that dmoz has requirements in order to be listed which can be gathered from .

    The major search engines have requirements as well, so you will want to find the help for each specific search engine you want to be listed in.

    In general, make sure of the following:

    • Make sure your meta tags are current and up to date
    • Make sure the descriprion meta tag contains a sentance or paragraph containing your first major keyword and the sentace is no more than 255 charactors in length
    • Your keywords meta tag should not contain more than 10 comma seperated keywords or phrases
    • Your web page title should contain atleast 1 of the keywords listed in the keywords tag
    • Your pages text should contain your keywords, if not, some engines will not list you.
    • Use the "revisit-after" meta tag to control the frequency of how often the search engines troll/index your website. If your page content rarely changes, use a large number of days value 'content="90 days"'. If your page content changes every day then you will want this number much lower. This may/will increase your sites aloted bandwith per month.

    If you can do all that, you can get #1 listings in most major search engines, with respect to your keywords, without paying for additional listing services most search engines provide.

    Most of this is avalable through the CMS systems available on ALterVista if you use them. If you are unfamiliar with any of this then it would be wise to contact the webhosting provider, AlterVista, and pay them to do it for you. It is well worth the cost and is fairly inexpensive!

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