I designed my WordPress site and built it in xampp, but I have no clue how to put it online properly.

It's a Christmas web site to give away free Christmas WordPress themes, with screenshots that can be sent as free ecards.

Also, I don't usually have much access to wifi, either, which makes it hard to tinker. Tonight is an exception.


I wonder if I could offer to pay somebody a reasonable fee through PayPal to properly instal the site?

The site is actually made up of two WordPress installations. One contains the Christmas themes for the demos; the other is the main site with the ecards.

The eCards plugin has commercial features, allowing banners to be sent with the ecards. I don't really know how to use it. I would like to send AlterVista banners with it. I would need someone to configure that for me.

Thanks in advance, if someone has the time.