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Thread: some help with htaccess file

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    Default some help with htaccess file

    hello everyone , i have a folder call admin and inside this folder i have a file admin.php and i put also 2 other files htaccess and htpasswd . but when i upload my file via FTP and after i type my site address/admin/admin.php it ask me for username and password but after give me a error
    There was an error.
    This error can occur because of a syntactically incorrect .htaccess file , entered by you or one of your scripts in the current folder , or from your site that tries to establish a connection to an external server unreachable
    Options -Indexes
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Restricted Area"
    AuthUserFile /
    require valid-user

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    The path is wrong, it should be /membri/freetesting/admin/.htpasswd. However, why didn't you use the integrated tool in the control panel to manage .htaccess based authentication? You just need to click on the padlock near the directory path (next to the PHP5 and FTP buttons in the File management section).

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