AlterCent (AC) is the currency of Altervista, it is a purely virtual currency linked to your activities within the community.

When a member signs up he receives, besides a bonus of 5.16 Euro, a specific amount of AC which can be increased by participating in the sponsorship initiatives managed by the community or by members, the Top 100 Web Sites (monthly), collaborating with the staff and much more.


1. If you decide to add advertising on your site, the traffic of visitors to the sponsored sites, in addition to a remuneration in euros, will also give you a number of AlterCents. For more information on terms and conditions read carefully the regulation you find in the registration page.

2. If you attend one of the initiatives promoted by the community, you will be rewarded with a number of AlterCents in relation to the type of initiative.

3. Contributing to the community development by testing one or more new services. In this case the help of members is valuable.

4. Changing virtual cheques: anyone who does not have the time or does not desire to join the initiatives listed above can use this system to obtain immediately the amount of AlterCents he needs.