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Thread: Ports 80, 443 blocked Due To Whitelist?!?

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    Default Ports 80, 443 blocked Due To Whitelist?!?

    I have been setting up a site for 4 days now and have almost realized my final dream...almost. While trying to set up a plug-in called OneAll Social Log In I got the error that ports 80 and 443 were closed to outbound communication...and this is a problem.

    After doing some research I discovered that there was a whitelist that won't allow the API to communicate with the Oneall site...not good.

    I went through the verification process, first sending an SMS via my email at apparently didn't work. And this morning I sent the SMS from my wifes' cell...and still the whitelist hasn't been removed.

    Am I missing something? Can I send the SMS from a different email service, resend from my wifes' phone? Or can I request that be added to the whitelist?

    I have tried several other social log-in plug-ins and none of them seemed to work either...I really need this to allow for a larger membership and continued new readerships...

    ANY help in this area would sincerely be appreciated. Here's the pertinent data on my site. (In case you need it.):

    WP: Version 4.3.1
    Plug-in: OneAll Social Media Log-In v 5.0

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    We didn't received any sms related to your account and unfortunately there is no other way to unlock server-to-server connections.

    Anyway we added * to the whitelist, so you will be able to connect to the service within the next 24 hours.
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